The Story 

I have always wanted to have my artwork on clothing. With the artistic and design skills I acquired throughout my youth and college years, I felt compelled to offer something fresh in 2019. Being a new father introduced me to a love that I had never known. I found motivation to give up old habits and start new ones. I wanted to grow a brand and my artistic skills. During my creative process I thought about how I could help children. Having a child of my own, the thought of a starving child was especially significant to me. I discovered that for every 3 people who are going hungry in Idaho, at least 1 is a child. Because of this, I decided to have a custom clothing brand that would provide quality clothing and feed a child for every item sold (to start).

My passion for the outdoors continues as I introduce my son to the natural world. I gather inspiration for the 3IN1 Threads artwork from the majestic scapes nature provides me. Currently, I am focus on custom t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats and quality custom stickers.

I am not dealing in big brands, or political statements. I make quality garments that feel amazing, look sharp, and fight against child hunger in Idaho.

– Chris Meyers  Owner & Artist


Our Mission

3IN1 Threads is a custom clothing brand that consists of affordable quality custom clothing for your everyday lifestyle. We pride ourselves in creating top quality threads to bring you optimal comfort and style for any adventure! We started with a desire to help children in need. Each garment’s style is carefully selected and designed with care in Idaho, USA. For every 3IN1 Threads item sold we will donate a meal to feed a child through The Idaho Foodbank. Own some quality Idaho brand clothing and be a part of the mission today!

Happy child with 3IN1 Threads structured trucker youth hat

Here at 3IN1 Threads we put people first and look for insights in the responses from customers who own our garments. So far, the information coming back is stellar. People love our custom clothing, especially our custom triblend t-shirts. We always listen to our customers that wear our custom hoodies and shirts to see where we can improve. Feedback is important to us and we encourage everyone to reach out to us whther through email or social media.

3IN1 Threads horizontal logo lockup