Custom Idaho-based Clothing that Feeds Children.

3IN1 Threads focuses on Idaho custom clothing for men, women, and children. We specialize in custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and have some awesome stickers.

Our garments are super soft with materials carefully selected and graphically designed with care in Idaho, USA. We use sustainable (DTG) Direct-To-Garment printing processes because beyond feeding children, we also care about the planet.

For every item sold 3IN1 Threads will feed a child in Idaho. Support an Idaho clothing brand and feed one with 3IN1!



Our amazingly comfortable triblend t-shirts are more than just a t-shirt. Triblend materials offer a low cotton content that keeps you comfortable and dry no matter what activity you do while wearing them. These t-shirts feel amazing on your skin. However, they also pair well with one of our hoodies. Customers tell us our custom triblend t-shirts are the best they have ever worn.

Children Fed Through Purchases Since August 2020

With every purchase made through 3IN1 Threads we donate a meal to feed a child in Idaho. Did you know, out of every three people going hungry in Idaho, at least one of them is a child?! Any purchase can make a difference – whether it is custom Idaho clothing or a sticker, a child will receive a meal donated by your purchase. For all of you who have contributed to our mission, we thank you.


“One of the greatest feelings you can experience in your life is knowing you made a difference in a child’s life.”

– Chris Meyers  |  Owner & Artist –


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