One in seven children in the USA live with hunger. In Idaho there is approximately 211,000 food insecure people…of which 70,000 of them are children (and growing)! That means for every three people that are hungry, at least one of them is a child.

3IN1 Threads started with a desire to provide quality stylish clothing and help children in need. Utilizing his passion for the outdoors and taste for quality garments, the owner discovered an opportunity to give back to the children of Idaho. With each garment sold 3IN1 will donate a meal at the local foodbank to feed a child.  Each garment is crafted and designed with care in Boise, Idaho. We pride ourselves in using materials that are superbly comfortable and go beyond the typical garments you would find in a store. 3IN1 Threads is more than tasteful clothing, it is a mission to create unity and help hungry children. We believe in children and the good they will bring in the future.

We pride ourselves in creating awesome threads using high quality materials to bring you optimal comfort and style for any adventure.